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Stained Glass


One of my interests is the design of stained glass or leadlight windows. I started designing leadlight about 20 years ago, and I design and construct between 1 and 10 projects each year normally for my own enjoyment or as commissions for friends. Recently I have been experimenting with glass fusing as an alternative to or adjunct to lead came or copper foil construction (see my boat window in the samples).


If you want to see the samples, download here (10 files of about 50k each). The pictures are plain full-size jpg, so please wait for them to load (that is why they are not on this page, to give you the choice). I have included a few of my abstracts, some Australian themes, four windows from a series of twelve I did for the Holy Spirit Church in Sandy Bay, and my recent fusing experiment.


Copyright 2000 Arthur Sale

Last revised 2000 April 17