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The first two pictures give the general ambience of the gallery, in two connected rooms. 66 artists were represented by about 80 pieces, ranging in price from $A64 to $A7000 (some not for sale). Pictured: Jenny Loft taking a photo.
The selection of pieces that I photographed and then selected 50% for this page reflect an interest in them, a technique, or some other aspect, so other equally good and many better pieces are not represented. There's not much blown glass on this page, for example. Sorry. I haven't corrected for the color cast of the gallery lighting, which accounts for the general yellow tone.
I thought I'd got all the catalog numbers in the photos, but I didn't. Pieces that I can identify are, in order from the top:
1L    Not identified
1R    Wayne Rayson, Mandlebrop
2L    Rish Gordon, Zebra
2R    Neville Spears, Green Tree Frog
3    Kim Lester, A Bit of Fun
4L    Robert Gatt, Juggling Beans
4R    Jenny Loft, Emerald Reef
5L    George Aslanis, Degrees of Clarity
5R    Not identified
6L    Emma Varga, Sunset, Sky & Midnight
6R    Roger Buddle, Beginnings

© Text and Photos Copyright  2001  AHJ Sale; copyright in works resides with individual artists
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