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Recent papers
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Broadband Internet Access in Regional Australia - AHJ Sale - ANCCAC Prize and Medal 2001 [56kB preprint] [235kB as published]
This article was written to commemorate  the Basser Computing Laboratory's early contributions to communications technology by examination of an underused modern technology. It commences with a brief tutorial on spread-spectrum communications, together with a summary of the salient characteristics of the technology. Outdoor uses of Wireless LAN NICs are then introduced with two case studies. In conclusion, the policy implications of spread-spectrum technology for broadband Internet access in regional Australia are examined, together with an analysis of some opportunities for Australian entrepreneurs. July 2001, published JRPIT Vol 33 November 2001.

Implementation of DES on Programmable Hardware [198kB preprint] - S Nooshabadi, N Rowcroft, AHJ Sale
This paper discuses a hardware implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and its variants using FPGA technology. DES was implemented in Electronic Codebook Mode (CEB) mode and Cipher Feedback (CFB) mode, as well as a three-stage pipelined implementation of Triple Data Encryption Algorithm. It was found that the Altera CPLD FLEX10K device family was well suited to various aspects of the algorithm, especially the S-Boxes. The algorithm was modeled in VHDL and was synthesised for FLEX10K100 using the Altera Max Plus software. Furthermore the DES implementation was used for real-time secure voice communication using the CFB mode. The implementation was undertaken by N Rowcroft under the supervision of AHJ Sale and S Nooshabadi; S Nooshabadi wrote the first draft of the paper. July 2001.

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