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Mr Harry's sketch

The overleaf page referred to by Mr Harry describes the symbols in his handwriting. Here is a transcription  with capitalization, underlines, punctuation and parentheses exactly as written. Note that: or=gold/yellow, argent=silver/white, gules=red, and azure=blue.
Dexter Chief. A lion passant gules in a field argent (The Tasmanian badge).
Sinister Chief. An open book or in a field azure (Representing the academic side of University activity.
Dexter Base. The Southern Cross or in a field azure (Representative of Australia)
Sinister Base. A Torch gules in a field argent. (Representing the athletic side of University activity.
A castle rising from a crown (or.), signifying the royal charter held by the University.
Ingeniis patuit campus.
If these should be desired the Tasmanian Tigers of the Tasmanian and City of Hobart Coats of Arms could be included in the design.