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It is virtually impossible to make leadlight (or fused) panels for glass doors, sidelights, fanlights or windows except for a specific commission. They just won't fit.
My style of flat glass design is contemporary and minimalist (I think of it as Zen-like). This is very well suited to domestic installations, especially as I usually try to let a lot of light in by the use of clear or patterned clear glass rather than a dark effect with jewels (I can do this too, but the need for it is rare). Some of my windows have an Australian theme. Have a look at the gallery options in the sidebar to get an idea of my style.
I don't do traditionally painted church windows, nor copies of Victorian patterns. Please try a larger leadlight business if that is what you want. Having said that, my most accessible public stained glass is in Holy Spirit Church, Duke Street, Sandy Bay, Tasmania (12 contemporary-style church windows, completed during 1982-1990)!
I also make some purely fused windows, such as a louver window, and in others I have incorporated fused pieces into leadlight to create an extra sparkle and something different, for example the Iris windows.
I offer two kinds of flat glass commission.
I can offer you design services for a unique leadlight pattern anywhere in the world. The idea is that I do a custom design after email discussion with you, and deliver you a full-size pattern ready to cut out and make. You might make the window yourself, or get someone to make it and install it for you locally. Making and installation at your own risk.
As a variation on this you might want me to make some custom fused parts to incorporate into a leadlight window you want to make yourself. Naturally making and installation also at your own risk.
There is no shortcut. Please email me with your requirements and suggestions. There is no charge unless we agree to go ahead with a project and you accept my quotation.

Design and deliver
Installation across the Internet is impossible, short of a multi-national enterprise. However, if you want I can design, make and deliver a window to you. Whether this is economic depends on where you are and the freight costs. Contact me and we can explore these issues.

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