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The 2001 Ausglass Conference
Some personal impressions of the 2001 Conference, held in Melbourne Australia, on two pages.

Kiln Techniques (Warm Glass)
Graham Stone's Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion. 2000.
The absolutely best resource for information on firing schedules. A completely up-to-date author-published book. Graham does not have a web site so I've provided some blurb and contact data on a page. Thoroughly recommended. My comment is that if you follow Graham's advice you won't learn from your firing mistakes because you won't make them.
Brad Walker (
Brad's web site is full of interesting examples of kiln-fired glass contributed by a range of artists. It also contains a lot of information and is well-organized but not interactive. His book Contemporary Warm Glass contains all this and more. All you need to know including ordering it over the web can be found on his site. Go look.
A manufacturer of niche market sheet glass, using Australian materials. Range includes a range "90" compatible with Bullseye in Australian colours, and a GIN range compatible wth Pilkington float glass. HiGlass is located in Western Australia, but it ships all over the world.
Bullseye, Spectrum, Uroboros
Well-known American sheet glass manufacturers with ranges of fusible glass. Uroboros makes glass compatible with Bullseye and glass compatible with Spectrum 96. All three sites have good technical information.
Craft Australia
An organization for professional craftspersons (ie 100% employed in craft production). Select the Glass medium to see samples of some of Australia's best studio glass indexed by accredited artist, mostly fused, blown, painted or etched. Sometimes the artist has a web site too.

The society for practising glass artists and in fact anyone interested in glass in Australia. Biennial conference, newsletter, workshops, exhibitions, prizes and awards. Next conference in Perth 2003.
Glass Australia
An index to Australian glass artists, studios, galleries, suppliers maintained by the Canberra School of Art.
A site attempting to index artists of all kinds in Australia. Contains a few people who are not in the other Australian sites.
A useful directory of Tasmanian artists and craftspersons in all fields, including glass artists.
Tasmanian Arts & Crafts Organization. Bloody awful acronym that only a nitwit would choose. Government funded and as yet not yet useful (because expensive to list), but aims to provide information on Tasmanian arts and crafts.
Tasmanian Government website
Pretty static site (aren't all government sites?), but offers another window into the Tasmanian arts and crafts scene across all sectors. However very incomplete.
Tasmanian Craft Fair
Prestigious annual event (in November at Deloriaine) with over 200 exhibitors.
Glass Museum On Line
A New Zealand site brimming with information, articles, images.  I especially recommend their links page.

Tasmanians with websites
Graham Mace
Absolutely stunning small-pieced works from Tasmania, even if they aren't my style preference. A must-see. Warning: the gallery web pages are weird: they scroll horizontally; if you don't know you might miss some images. PS Marrawah is a tiny townlet on the north-west corner of Tasmania - civilization as we know it ends at Marrawah and Nature reigns thereafter.
Maudies Tiles & Mirrors
Studio on the North-West Coast offering glass tiles and ceramics.

Australian suppliers of glass, tools, etc
Australian Stained Glass Supplies
Finns Art Glass
See the entry under warm glass. Their "90" and "GIN" sheet glass is just as suitable for cold glass techniques, plus they produce a "Classic" non-fusible range, and the site contains a gallery.

Tasmanian retail sources of glass, tools, etc
Tudor Rose Glassworks
Glass, tools, accessories etc for both fusing and stained glass. Stocks Bullseye and Spectrum glass for fusing. Classes. Operated by Merinda Young, very helpful. 16 Mertonvale Circuit, Kingston (Hobart area) phone 62297009
Pilkington Glass
For float glass. Electra Place, just off the Mornington Roundabout (you can't miss seeing it), Mornington (Hobart area)
Lansdell Glass
Reasonably good stocks of glass for stained glass work, plus tools, lead etc. A general glass merchant dealing in float, cathedral, patterned, glass blocks, etc. Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Does not stock compatible (fusing) glass.

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