Ships in Bottles I
Felucca in a Glayva bottle; Two-masted gaff schooner in a 750mL whisky bottle

Full rigged ship in a 750mL Haig Dimple bottle;   Three-masted staysail schooner in a 750 mL gin bottle

  Barque in a 2 litre fruit juice bottle — 280mm [11”] long

  A brigantine in a 750mL whisky bottle
The 1st picture shows the brigantine on its assembly stand ready to go in; note the threads through the bowsprit. The 2nd picture shows the ship actually in the neck with the sails all carefully packed and the masts folded down on little hinges, and the third is complete on its stand. A port tack model. (No I did not mirror the images, in case you wondered. If you don't understand see my challenges page.)

A brig in a 750mL whisky bottle
The 3rd picture is again the insertion step, while the 4th is immediately after the masts have been raised and the stays glued (in other words wait a day before touching it again).

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