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Republic Now!
The vast majority of Australians want to divest themselves of British links in our Constitution and political process, yet we can't seem to manage it. The 1999 Referendum failed to pass miserably. Our politicians responded with a mess of delay and obfuscation. Either any re-addressing of the republican question was at least a decade away (Liberals), or we were going to be asked to buy a Labor Party pig-in-a-poke: vote for a republic (any sort) at a plebiscite and then vote in a second popularity poll plebiscite for whatever models we might be offered; then finally by exhaustion hope that the least offensive model is passed in a referendum (the only vote that counts).
I present here six articles which address this problem and provide a sensible way to go forward. Indeed, even if the republican question fails a second time, we may have tidied up the Australian Constitution to the extent that it is not an embarrassment to read. (The versions on this site are currently under revision.)
You will also find on the Resources page links to enable you to download the set of six articles as a Word file for convenient off-line reading or printing, to download the present Constitution, or the three successive modifications I will suggest for three referendums, participate in a straw poll (which I will change from time to time to target particular issues), or add to or read the Republican Guest book.
If you are not an Australian, some of this won't make sense to you. Please read the Background page for essential information you need to make sense of the situation. Australians can skip it.

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