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Ambigram 1 - Java
This first inversion is of the English word Java. That is why it does not have a TM sign.
The ambigram was inspired by the three letters 'ava' which form a palindrome (they read the same forwards and backwards). I thought to look for other symmetries and to see what could be done with the J. Quite quickly I realized that the capitalized form 'AVA' had additional regularity since A and V were easily made with identical letter-forms, one the upside down version of the other.
Turning to the J, I thought of forcing it into the same mould as the V, so I then had VAVA to work with. It was then a simple matter of playing around with the first letter so that it looked more like a J, while not going so far as to destroy its recognition upside-down as an A at the other end of the word.
I came up with some other letter play on this word, which I will add to this site progressively with other computing-related words.  This first sample is very simple in its structure. See if you can find all the instances in the site, and if you find this concept fun, come back in a few weeks to look for another one. Or you might subscribe to the previous page because it will change every time I add a new ambigram, if only because I change the count.

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