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University of Tasmania
Whilst I am no longer employed by the University of Tasmania, I undertake research and projects with some of their staff and students. The University has given me the titles of Emeritus Professor (the Latin translates into something like 'Teacher with an Honorable Discharge'), and Honorary Research Associate (a person who contributes to research carried out in the University without pay). I have a small office in the University which I use once a week to chat with my collaborators on the staff and discuss their projects with my students, and when attending research seminars. The rest of the time I work in my comfortable home office and studio across the Derwent River (20 min & 25 km by car, 8 km line-of-sight).
The second and third links in the sidebar are to articles I wrote on the University's motto and logo, unfortunately too long for the in-house newspaper UniTas (so they are here instead for the interested).
The sidebar to the left also contains a link to the School of Computing home page and the School of Engineering home page on the University's website. I work with both Schools. There is also a link to another page of mine describing the work I do with students.

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