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This year I am supervising three Bachelor of Computing honors students and one Bachelor of Engineering honors student, all in the area of mobile & ubiquitous computing. (PS: The academic year in the southern hemisphere is the same as the calendar year from February to December.)
(Joseph) Chiong Swee Sim
Project: Enabling Call Centers to exploit mobile phone access
Jon Dean
Project: Remote stealth periscope for submarines
Warren Seen
Project: Telepresence on a model sailboat
Keith Orr (Kyungsuk Oh)
Project: Utilization of 2.4GHz WLAN technology by the University of Tasmania at Launceston

Last year (2000) I supervised three computing graduate students and three final year engineering student projects for the University.
Randall Barnett (Computing)
Project: Modification of the Virtual Sailor simulator for incorporation into a small boat training package
Conrad Benham (Computing)
Project: Characterization of Java programs and classes, for research into the design of Java hardware.
Matthew Wallis (Computing)
Project: Design and features of a kitchen communications center with voice, touchscreen and internet capability
Cameron Nichols (Engineering)
Project: Implementation of the World War II Enigma cryptography machine in an FPGA
Nicolas Rowcroft (Engineering)
Project: Implementation of the DES algorithm in an FPGA
James Richardson (Engineering)
Project: Teaching Tools for Digital Signal Processing

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