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Seminars 2000
If you download any of these presentations, note the following hints, which assume that you have MSOffice installed and are are using MS Explorer. If the presentation loads in the frame, right click on it. When the pop-up menu is displayed, select 'Full Screen'. Left-click the mouse or press spacebar to go through the slides; right-click again if you want to get out.
Fridge Door Communications Center, 2000 March 16, Matthew Wallis, Presentation  (194k)
Small Boat Training Simulator, 2000 March 23, Randall Barnett, Presentation (166k)
Java Execution, 2000 March 30, Arthur Sale, Presentation (130k)
New Trends in Computer Architecture, 2000 April 6, Saeid Nooshabadi, Presentation (574k)
Java Statistics, 2000 April 27, Conrad Benham, Presentation (201k)
DES Implementation, 2000 May 4, Nicolas Rowcroft, Presentation (245k)

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