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Ambigram 3 - TryCatch
One of the absolutely key constructs of Java is the ability to embed code in a try block, one of whose essential features is the ability to catch exceptions that occur in the controlled block. This provides Java classes with the capacity to be safe, and cuts down an explosion of error-handling code.
In this ambigram I attempt to capture the relationship between the two keywords, so that the black (safe) word CATCH forms part of the red (danger signal) word TRY. The starting point was the middle T in CATCH which easily became the long T of TRY. What had to be done with the C-R and H-Y was then obvious, but took a long time to achieve satisfactory recognition of both letters. Letter spacing and height also had to be fiddled with. The leading C of CATCH of course had to be made to match the later C. I am not completely satisfied with the R, but if you squint a bit it looks ok.

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