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I presented a two-week full-time course on Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing from 2000 June 26 to 2000 July 7, in Hobart Tasmania to eight persons drawn from the University staff (1), fourth year students from the Hobart campus (5), and fourth year students from the Launceston campus (2). The course was accredited for academic purposes for the students.
A revision was made to bring the course fully up to date and it was delivered to a 2001 class of nine persons from 12-23 February 2001.
The course structure involves mornings (09:00-12:30) of lectures and discussions (session titles), followed by afternoons of self-directed study along suggested lines. The course materials are designed for flexible delivery and re-tailoring for other target audiences.
A final project is undertaken, with each student taking resposnibility for part of the project. In 2000, the project was the nucleus of a WAP site for the University of Tasmania, and the subsystems involved writing WML, WMLScript and servlets to implement WAP-enabled phone access to the inhouse telephone directory, provide stock market data, current weather reports, access to the student Daily Bull activities leaflet, access to classified ads, access to POP mail services, and access to the University Library catalogue server.
In 2001, the students are researching wearables for Antarctica, 8yo children, and teenagers; optimizing web traffic via satellite to Antarctica, exploring copyright issues in e-books, and developing several WAP-based applications.
This course, or one adapted from the research and presentation work, can be delivered to your target audience.  The topics are always up to date, and can be used to introduce attendees to  the exciting fields of mobile computing and ubiquitous computing (which you might know by other names such as wireless computing, nomadic computing and pervasive computing), or to serve a more restrictive need such as the development of telephone technology and WAP services. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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