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Hobart panorama seen from Arthur's office

This home page provides public exposure of my work and play. Here you can find a link to my professional research into information technology, together with the usual career resume. I am currently working on the many problems that will be met over the next ten years as the good old bolted-down Internet becomes superseded by wireless, mobile, place- and person-sensitive computing everywhere. Have a look at Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing.
For consulting or tailored course design, please contact me directly.
Possibly you came here to find out about my proposal for an Australian Republic in my lifetime, and how the Australian people might go about achieving this target.
I have included some personal pages about two of my leisure activities: my ship models (many of which I have put into bottles) and a photo album and data of some of my glass work (for which I do the occasional commission).
Please enjoy and browse; the site has a lot of varied content, a bit like me really. Note that services are funded by advertising.

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