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Recommended Links
Australian Republic
The Australian Republican Movement **
Prime Minister's Constitutional site **
Challenging games
Virtual Sailor, a small boat simulator, capable of multiplayer games ($US25) *****
MSFS 2000, the Flight Simulator for a new century ($$ from your MS store) *****
Internet Tools
Tripod, my website host (free) *****
Google, the most accurate search engine (free) *****
Specialized search engines (where to find them) *****
TrellixWeb, my principal web page design & management tool  (free) *****
Ozemail, my Internet Service Provider ***
All you ever wanted to know about units *****
bCAD, a very good low-cost 3D and 2D CAD design package ****
JBuilder 3, my preferred Java development package
Tasmania Online - the best hub site for finding anything in Tasmania ***
Tasmanian weather forecasts ***
University of Tasmania *
Clarence City Council - the city I actually live in *
Art and Craft
Glass Australia (links to Australian glass artists, galleries and suppliers) ****
Warm Glass (a good resource site on fusing & slumping) ****
Ships in Bottles (the best hub for this activity) *****

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